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Planning a bathroom is no easy task. How to arrange all the details functionally and ergonomically, but at the same time not forget about comfort?

POINT 1. The ideal shape of the room is rectangular

Bathrooms come in all sizes and shapes, but the simpler the shape, the better. At the stage of planning an apartment, if possible, a rectangular room should be separated for the bathroom.

POINT 2. A combined bath and toilet is always better

It is not advisable to place the toilet and bath or shower in separate rooms. For a family with a small child, the best solution is a combined bathroom.

POINT 3. Symmetry always looks elegant

It is very important to arrange all the furniture and plumbing in the bathroom symmetrically. For example, a bathtub in front of a long sink top will look good. And a square shower cabin opposite the niche in which the toilet is located is a good solution for those who love comfort.

POINT 4. Alternative solutions

A hygienic shower will perfectly replace a bidet, and you will win additional free space for arranging a storage system, which no bathroom can do without.


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